The 2018-2019 season at a glance.
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October 12, 2018
  Eduardo Drury
  Plain Folk with Sam Moss

November 9, 2018
  Dom Bourgeoys
  Les Flâneurs

December 14, 2018 
  Code Blues
  Jim Robinson

  Fiddlehead Soup

January 11, 2019 
  Caribou Stew
  My Father's Son

February 8, 2019
   Steamboat Woody
   Mike Biggar

   The Durham County Poets

 March 8, 2019
  Brian Campbell
  Margo Ellis
  Echo Hunters

April 12, 2019
  Sylvia Smith
  Terry Joe Banjo

May 10, 2019
   Plain Folk
   Glenna McConnell
   The Paddingtons