Friday, April 12 2019

Zoo was one of the Side Door’s original guests and has played often over the years in various combinations and permutations. The band, which currently features Leo Lepore on lead vocals and guitar, Val Teodori on bass and Bill Bland on fiddle, is often joined by other musicians depending on the venue and the season. There’s never a dull moment when Zoo is on stage, with upbeat tunes taken from the country, bluegrass and pop/folk repertoire.


Sylvia Fiorita-Smith can’t play the guitar or sing, but she loves to write! She was a member of the West Island Writers’ group for many years and has been published in three anthologies. In 2008, she won both a short story and a poetry prize, one of which was read at the Montreal Blue Metropolis Literary Festival. She also does some freelance writing for small publications. Sylvia has been a regular at the Side Door over the years, and we are very happy that she will once again share some of her writings with us for our final season.


Terry Joe “Banjo” was a staple of the Montreal music scene for many years, playing anywhere and everywhere. Today, he mainly performs for seniors’ homes or at home singing to his newborn son, Benjamin Joseph (yes, he named him Ben Jo!) He is honoured to be part of the final season of the Side Door, a place where he has always enjoyed performing. Prepare to be entertained as this multi-instrumentalist sings his heart out… and folks, be ready to sing out as, in true folk singer fashion, armed with his long-neck banjo, he is sure to get everyone singing along.