Friday, December 14, 2018

 Code Blues was started at work by a bunch of computer geeks who share a passion for playing music. The band, made up of Francois St-Pierre (guitar, harmonica and vocals), Mike Kirstenberg (lead guitar), Thibault Pasturel (lead guitar and vocals), Maximiano Francisco (bass guitar), and John Mason (percussion), began jamming together about a year ago, playing everything from blues and country to folk and light rock. Being from the field of medical technology, they chose a name that reflects their work and musical style: Code Blue is a term used when everything stops working. When we start playing or talking about music, all the rest stops.


Jim Robinson
This October Jim Robinson released his 8th CD, Nick Dean’s Barn. An unexpected package in the mail, hockey on an outdoor rink, envy of the guy with the car in high school, playing for dancers at Nick Dean’s Barn. “Like any live music venue," Jim says, "a dance hall carries far more meaning for the people who regularly gather and interact there than they realize at the time. When the barn itself burns down it rises again from the ashes and lives on in the memories of those who danced and played music there."  Check out some of the songs on his website at


Fiddlehead Soup
World folk and fiddle music group Fiddlehead Soup is an energetic trio of musicians as engaging as they are talented—they start with a haunting Celtic, medieval groove based around native Scotsman Doug Hendry’s open-tuned 12-string guitar and warm tenor voice, then they weave it into a gypsy tapestry with mother and daughter Glenna Hunter and Ursa Meyer’s twinned fiddles and voices. Singing songs from the traditions of multiple countries and in multiple languages as well as their own artfully constructed material, Fiddlehead Soup does an incredible job of making the difficult look not only effortless, but fun! Read more at .