Friday, January 11, 2019

Caribou Stew is the alternative country mouthpiece for singer/songwriter Benjamin Vallées roots music. This band has seen many forms and played many songs, all of which called back to a simpler time of living for a song. Hot off the trails of this summer’s tour, Caribou Stew has been writing and creating music for their debut LP, set to be recorded in January. For those who enjoy watching somebody sing their heart and mind, this one’s for you. 



My Father’s Son is an indie folk group with roots in London, ON and Montreal, QC. Mark Kulmala and Paul Meadows (Uisca Beatha, The Beauties) have joined forces for the recording of their first full length album Heart of Wood. The themes of fleeting innocence, love lost and found, determination, and the simple beauty of the landscape are sure to resonate with listeners. This Side Door performance will feature half of the duo. Mark Kulmala offers an amalgamation of experiences both personal and musical, poetically creating emotionally complex, yet subdued, reflective songs. An air of storytelling colours the music with sentimental and relatable verses that immerse the audience in the beauty of shared experience.


Harmony/folk trio Wavesong was conceived in the basement of a Montreal Cégep, where Élisabeth Rousseau, Jane Critchlow and Bruce Jackson discovered their love for three-part harmony between teaching classes. Composer/arranger Bruce has toured and recorded with Jim Corcoran and Bertrand Gosselin, Lennox, Dave Lapp, Mario Chenart and Eric Maheu (of Kain). Elisabeth studied classical voice and has sung in numerous choirs over the years. Jane has soloed with jazz and blues quartets and with a big band on the Club Med circuit, and currently sings in a Celtic choir. She also fronted new wave group At First Glance, who opened for international rock band INXS. Wavesong regularly performs at a number of Montreal venues. They have just released their debut album, available in CD and digital format on Bandcamp (