Friday, October 12, 2018

Ed Drury has been performing and composing music for several decades. He is strongly influenced by the music of the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel, as well as many other iconic artists of the 60’s rock British invasion and folk music scene. His love for the amalgamation of folk, rock, blues and classical genres that exploded in popular culture during this period has inspired him to perform and compose. He plans on releasing his first album of original compositions performed, arranged and produced by himself within the coming year. It has been a labour of love. Ed is usually found in the Side Door audience, and we are delighted that he is going to take to our stage for a change.


Plain Folk will get our 2018-2019 season underway with a few tunes from Isabelle Delage with Mick Perreaux and Val Teodori. And while we always miss Leigh Redding when she can’t be with us, we are very happy to have had Sam Moss join us over the past year adding his own stylings to the mix with vocal harmonies and fine guitar work. To help kick things off for this final regular season, we're looking forward to presenting an extended set of some of your (and our) favourite tunes over the years, as well as a few you haven’t heard. And one thing for sure, we ways have fun!